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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I purchase on Artglyph website?

On the Web site you can purchase a license to create and distribute a Video project ('Final Product') generated using an online application on the Web site and a comprehensive and editable Template from the Template Library.

How to purchase a Project?

Find a Template you like. Edit all customizable elements of the Template. Then, save and render a preview.
If you like the result, you can purchase it or come back to edit it later (project is active for 30 days).
To Purchase, Log in (or Register if you haven't done it yet). Read the Template’s details. Get acquainted and accept the content of the license and press ‘buy’. Selected project will be rendered (you can buy project only after a preview is rendered). Complete the information required to make a payment. You will be sent an email confirming your purchase and containing download link to the Final Product.

Can I get a refund?

No. All transactions are final and nonrefundable.

Can I edit the Project after I paid for it?

No. Purchased Projects are considered Final End Products and cannot be edited.

Can I purchase multiple Projects in one transaction?

No. If you would like to buy customized license contact us

What payments methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal payments. We are working on implementing other payment methods (credit/debit cards etc.).

Do you acknowledge PayPal disputes and chargebacks?

Contact us before opening a PayPal dispute or chargeback procedure.

Why are you asking me if I am making the same purchase twice? Why do you need to know this?

We are not storing this information. It is an automated message we installed to caution users to avoid making unwanted purchases that can happen due to accidental multiple-clicking the checkout button and unintentional refreshing the checkout page. There are no impediments for you to make the same purchase multiple times.

Am I allowed to modify the Template before I purchase the Project?

Yes. Each Template is provided with editable content for easier alteration. Just hit Render and you will see a watermarked version of the Final Product.
You cannot make changes after buying the Final Product.

Is the music/image/footage/font I see on the Template preview included in the Project's license?

The inclusion of any Additional Media will be specified in the Template's description.

Where can I buy the music/picture/footage/font etc I see on the Template preview that is not provided as a part of the Template’s description?

Look for a link to the owner of the rights of a particular piece in the Template description or ask the Template's author.

Can I sell Templates made by me on the Artglyph website?

Yes. Log in, submit your Template for review and wait for approval by a moderator.
BETA version of the site does not add your request automatically. We are working to improve this feature soon.

Can I sell the End Product?

License authorizes you to sell one End Product to one Client only.

What is a Project and a Final Product?

A Project is the result you create with the use of a chosen Template.
A Final Product is a bought project. A Final Project is non-editable, does not have watermarks and is your property, with regards to the License you bought.

Why do I need to buy a License?

A license gives you the right to create, publish and distribute under your name or under your Client's name, a customized Final Product.
You are required to read and accept the terms of the license before buying a Project from Artglyph's website.

What does a License include?

Full text of a license is available here 
Any Additional Media licenses, including Music, Audio Effects, custom Fonts etc, will be specified in the Template's description. Some Additional Media include their own separate licenses.

Is the license transferable?

No. You cannot transfer your license for free or for charge to someone else other than stated in the license issued on the date of purchase on the Artglyph's website.

What non-exclusive means means?

Non-exclusive means that you are not the only person with access to the item. Others will also be licensing and using the same item.

I'm not sure if my use is covered. What should I do?

Contact us through Support and we'll do our best to help you out.

How to download a purchased Project?

After completing a purchase you will receive an email to the email address you provided at registration. This email will contain a download link for the Final Product you purchased.
Alternatively, you can Log in and download all your purchases from the 'Purchases' tab in your Dashboard.

I deleted the email with my download link. What can I do now?

Log in, then click on the 'Purchases' tab in your Dashboard and there you will be able to download the purchased Final Products.

How many times can I download?

You can download the purchased Final Products unlimited number of times through a 30 days period beginning from the date of the purchase. After that time the download link expires.

Can I download at a later date?

Yes. All purchased Final Products are available for download for one month (30 days) from the day of the purchase.

I cannot download purchased Product.

Please check the Expiry Date of the Product you want to download. If a month has passed from the date you made the purchase then the download link has expired.
In any other instance of inability to download contact us.

Where can I find the Expiry Date?

Log in and click on the 'Projects' tab in Dashboard. There, you will be able to locate the Expiry Dates for all purchased and non-purchased Projects.

How long do I have before the Expiry Date?

We allow our Users a 30 days period of time to download any active project from the 'Projects' tab in their individual Dashboards. There is a limit for 15 non-purchased projects for a user account.
Users can have unlimited number of bought Projects (Final Products).
For specific Project’s Expiry Dates Log in and click on the 'Purchases' tab in your Dashboard.

What should I do when the downloaded End Product is not working or is corrupted?

First, check if the End Product download is complete. If that’s the case, then re-download.
Second, make sure that the file is compatible with your software.
If the Product still isn’t working correctly, contact us with the name ID of the Template and ID of the Project you purchased. You can find the IDs on your invoice.

Can you provide me with an invoice for my purchase?

Invoices are automatically generated after each purchase. To find the invoice Log in, navigate to your Dashboard (click on your username in the top, right hand corner and choose Dashboard). Then go to 'Purchases' tab. There, you will be able to locate invoices for you purchases.

I cannot access my invoices. What should I do?

To download an invoice you are required to provide your invoice details, including: Name, Address and (optionally) a VAT number. Log in, go to your Dashboard's ‘Settings’ tab and complete the necessary information.
You can find all invoices in your Dashboard, in the 'Purchases' tab.

The invoice details do not match my PayPal and/or credit/debit card information. How can I change the data on the invoice?

Invoices are generated automatically from the personal details provided by you on Registration to Artglyph website.
To change them, Log in and navigate to your Dashboard by clicking on your username in the top, right hand corner, and go to ‘Dashboard'. Find the 'Settings" tab and edit the information.

How to create an account on Artglyph?

Go to the top of the page and click the Register button.
Next, fill out the form titled: 'Sign up now' with required information. After that, you will receive an automated activation email from Artglyph. Press the link to verify your email address and confirm the registration. If you do not receive the activation email in a few minutes, check the SPAM folder, or contact us at

How can I retrieve my password/email?

Click on the 'Forgot password' link at in the bottom, right hand corner on the Login form and follow the instructions.

How to change my password/email/invoice information?

Log in to Dashboard and go to the 'Settings' tab.

How to close my account?

To close an account contact us directly.
Closing an account does not terminate any Agreements you previously committed yourself to.

Where can I find your TERMS AND CONDITIONS?


How can I contact you?

Our email address is

I sent you and email. How long will it take for you to reply?

We reply as promptly as we are able to, which can range from a few minutes up to a few days depending on the number of queries we receive at a given time. We answer all emails, hence if you will not receive an answer from us within 5 business days check your SPAM folder or resend the inquiry.

I was sent an e-mail by someone from domain other than asking me to confirm my details. Is this legitimate?

No, we do not contact Users with any other email domain, than Also, Artglyph NEVER asks nor shall ask to confirm or change your details via e-mail.

Are Artglyph affiliated with or working for Adobe company?

No. We are in no direct way affiliated with the Adobe company. Artglyph consists of Adobe After Effects enthusiasts and that's the only relationship between our companies.

Who runs Artglyph?

Artglyph is run by a group of dedicated professionals committed to helping you start a new video project with the aid of ready-made customizable Templates and an online application available at Arthglyph website.

Who are the intended audiences of the Artglyph website?

Artglyph caters to the needs of all video creators who want to take advantage of ready-made solutions.
Anyone who wants to make a new video project is welcome on the Artglyph website.